Honest Turmeric Review on Inflammation / Swelling

Honest Turmeric Review on Inflammation / Swelling

Turmeric has been gaining popularity in the recent years, mainly driven by people passionate about this golden spice who claim that Turmeric is an excellent remedy for a number of health conditions.

Disclaimer: I am not from the people who easily start believing what has been told. I know how to research for a product (and its benefits) and I think I can fairly evaluate the benefits of using a product. And, I don’t have any special benefit in claiming the positive or negatives of Turmeric. The whole idea

Turmeric does fight inflammation
After checking a long list of research published in major research journals, I have come across something interesting about the positive impact of turmeric on inflammation.

I have also read online about how mothers in India use turmeric milk to reduce inflammation (or internal swelling) that kids generally suffer during their outdoor play.

I also read on many forums how Indians use turmeric in case adults suffer from swelling.

BTW, swelling can also be reduced greatly by using ice packs. Try that if you have sprained your ankle.

Anyway, coming back to my personal experience.

While being outside with my dog, I stepped into a small hole and sprained my ankle badly. It was painful and very difficult to walk back home.

I decided to check out the options to deal with this as naturally as I could.

Another problem was that I was having an important engagement with my associates in just two days.

I decided to give turmeric a try. I hadn’t used it much since the time I bought turmeric powder.

So, I decided to use turmeric with milk. Drank two spoons of turmeric with milk, three times a day. And, I also used ice-pack four times during day 1.

AS this happened during the morning walk, by the evening, the swelling was massive. Surprisingly, the next morning, the swelling reduced massively.

I continued taking turmeric. I am having a fairly strong digestion and was able to bear this heavy quantity of the yellow spice. However, I felt as if it was too much. If you have weak stomach, consider low dosage of turmeric in the start.

The second evening, swelling was almost gone and I was able to walk perfectly on third day.

I only used turmeric powder and ice packs and I managed to reduce the swelling that had gone massive during the first few hours.

I think it would be safe to conclude that turmeric powder can be used against swelling and internal inflammation.